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“Not so many people currently understand and take full advantage of the benefit that plants can bring to the workplace,” said Masahiro Toyoda, who conducted the study together with Yuko Yokota, Marni Barnes and Midori Kaneko. “We decided it was essential to check and provide scientific evidence of the stress-reducing effect that plants can produce.”

These are the words of the team of researchers from the University of Hyogo in Awaji in Japan who carried out the first study in a real office rather than in a laboratory.

The changes were observed on 63 workers with the aim of verifying the stress-reducing effect during working hours, before and after introducing the plants into the office.

The objective was to verify the stress reduction effect resulting from interaction with a plant, chosen and cared for by the same subject, in a real office environment following a feeling of fatigue during working hours.

Indoor plants once again show how they can be a useful solution for improving conditions within a company, with psychological and physiological benefits for workers.